How to Chat on Twitter

Tomorrow evening (July 10th) I will be hosting Inspire’s first Tweet Chat, an interview with literary agent Chip MacGregor. The chat will begin at 6pm (PDT) and run for an hour. I’ll begin by welcoming Chip and then asking him a few introductory questions.

Next (and this is where you come in) I’ll invite you to ask your questions. Start thinking of what you’d like to know from Chip.

I realize many of our writers are new to Twitter, so I thought I’d post some basics to help you navigate the Tweet Chat.

How to Chat on Twitter:

On twitter I am @InspireWriters and plan to host future chats on all aspects of Christian Writing.

Here are the simple steps.
1. Enter “#WritetoInspire” into the search box at the top of the Twitter page. When you hit search, you will find the tweet stream.

2. To comment and interact you must include #WritetoInspire (our hashtag) with EVERY tweet. If you copy and paste the hashtag, it will be really easy.

3. Try to stay on subject and follow the stream of the conversation. Use times outside chats to ask other important and relevant questions.

4. Be courteous. This is a time for open discussion.

5. Connect: chats provide a great opportunity to follow and develop followers among the writers who participate.

6. Pray for the chat and those who take part in it.

7. Invite others. We are growing and will offer more chats as part of our mission to equip writers to inspire the world.

Here is a schedule for our current chats on #WritetoInspire:

Tuesday, July 10th 6-7pm PDT. Interview Chip MacGregor

Tuesday, July 17th 6-7pm PDT. Interview Susy Flory


Thanks to Cheri Douglas for sharing his wisdom about Tweet Chats. You can find Cheri here: @CheriDouglas

Are you ready to Chat with Chip? Do you have any questions about Tweet Chats or need any help getting on Twitter?

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