Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson

I love words. I’ve been playing with them all my life, forming them in my mind and pouring them from my lips. I love arranging them on the page so they convey thoughts and ideas. I use them to create stories, paint pictures, and speak truths to inspire and educate my readers and listeners.


Because I know that what we believe about God – and what we believe about ourselves – determines our behavior, I write and speak to help us form an accurate view of God and a biblical understanding of what God says about our identity.
I know from Scripture and from life experience, that God’s word fills us with hope, even in the most difficult circumstances. On the pages of this blog and through my writing and speaking, it is my goal to bring that hope to you!


I am on a spiritual journey — an intimate journey – with Jesus Christ. I’ve traded my fears, pride, and people-pleasing for contentment and trust. As I grow and learn, I want to help you overcome the thoughts and behaviors that keep you from living in the freedom Jesus gives. Let’s explore the depths of the Christian walk together, pulling back the layers of life that weigh us down and keep us from the life we were created for.

Through this blog, we’ll consider the Seven Deadly Sins and their impact on our lives today. We’ll explore their antidotes – the Spiritual Practices. These simple disciplines, when intentionally woven into the rhythms of our days, lead us to happy, healthy, holy lives.


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Elizabeth with her family in Yosemite, California.

I live near Sacramento, California with my husband Mike, who is my best friend and the iron that keeps me sharp. We have three precious children. Our oldest daughter is grown and living nearby. She is making a career of loving “the least of these” through homeless outreach. Our son, a natural-born leader, is a college student learning to lead wisely and well. Our youngest daughter, a high-school student, makes everything sweeter – by her presence and her amazing baking skills.


My husband and I enjoy tranquil sunny days kayaking through our many local waterways. We ride our bikes and walk our dogs along the American River every chance we get. We love our church family at Bridgeway Christian Church and spend a lot of time marinating in God’s word there.